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Australian Bass Fishing: When & How

Fishing for Australian Bass with Lures   Australian Bass are rated highly by anglers as great sportfish that can put up a spectacular fight when hooked on light fishing gear. Although a relatively small fish that grows to less than a few kilograms, the Australian Bass displays amazing strength.  Here are a few hints on fishing for this exciting species. Australian Bass are predominantly distributed along coastal New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. A number of freshwater impoundments from southern Queensland to Victoria are also stocked with Australian bass. In their natural habitat, the fish can be found in coastal tributaries and rivers, from the tidal reaches to fresher upstream waters. Australian Bass like to shelter under snags, reeds, overhanging...

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Soft Plastic Fishing For Flathead

Fishing with Soft Plastic Fishing Lures for Flathead Soft plastic lures are a great way to attract Flathead.  While the species is renowned for its laziness, it will put up quite a fight when hooked, and if you win the battle, Flathead make great eating.  Here are some tips for catching Flathead with soft lures.   Flathead are found in shallow water in estuaries and bays where they hide, camouflaged and partially buried in sand.  Rather than actively seeking food, Flathead wait for their prey to come to them, conserving their energy for the quick burst of acceleration that they make when an attractive morsel passes nearby.  By slowly trailing bait or lures along the bottom, anglers have the best...

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3 Tips To Lose Less Fish

Nobody Wants to Lose Fish For some this would make for an epic story but for us it was a learning point. Nobody wants to make a habit of losing fish. I keep from losing fish by practicing three things: 1. Set the Drag Appropriately This is obvious but often overlooked on fishing trips. The ways redfish and trout pull through the water are polar opposites. Redfish need a stronger drag setting. Speckled trout require a lighter one. Trout have weak mouths and it is easy to “rip their lips”, pulling the hook out altogether if the drag is too heavy. When you are reeling in a trout you should be able to hear that drag come out every time he shakes...

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Choosing The Best Fishing Reel For Beginners

CHOOSING FISHING REELS Understanding different types of fishing reels isn’t a difficult as you might think. While there are several variations of fishing reels on the market, like surf reels and trolling reels, there are just four main types to consider when learning how to choose a fishing reel.  Spincast reels Spinning reels Baitcaster reels Fly reels While spincast and fly reels frequently found in freshwater areas, spinning and baitcaster reels are routinely listed on lists of saltwater fishing reels. HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST FISHING REELS Picking fishing reels starts with knowing what type of fish you’d like to catch. Take a few moments in our Species Explorer if you haven’t already and try to get some idea of the...

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Essential Joining Knots Every Angler Needs To Know

FISHING LINE JOINING KNOTS The first thing to know about line joining knots is that there is generally more than one option for the result you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you were taught how to tie Albright knots for connecting backing to fly lines, that is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a backing knot. If you know how to make a Surgeon’s knot, making a Double or Triple Surgeon’s knot is simply a matter of making one or two additional twists, respectively, in the line before tightening. The below knots are tested and reliable for joining two pieces of fishing line. DOUBLE SURGEON’S KNOT   Surgeon's knots are popular fly fishing not. Not only is this knot easy to tie,...

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