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Caribbean Fishing: What You Should Know

There’s something remarkable about the early morning excitement of fighting the monsters below to enjoy the unforgettable taste of fresh-caught dinner, which makes deep-sea fishing a memory to cherish. While on your Norwegian Cruise vacation in the Caribbean, you may face the temptation to simply dine among the stellar included restaurants. Sometimes, it’s worth the effort to taste something new. There’s nothing like the taste of fresh fish to create a powerful memory from your vacation. More importantly, savvy travelers know that the most fun isn’t had only poolside – lasting memories are created on guided excursions. Why not try an excursion on the open seas? WHAT CAN I CATCH IN THE CARIBBEAN? One of the most diverse and unique ecosystems in the world, the...

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Best Deep Sea Fishing Destinations

These are five of the best deep sea fishing destinations in the world. There are countless deep sea fishing destinations in the world, but these five are standouts. Our picks have ideal offshore habitats for big game fish and countless charter and guide services to help you catch them. Plus, they're beautiful regions, most of which have year round tropical weather and warm waters. When you're thinking about planning your next fishing vacation, keep these spots in mind. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico     Cabo San Lucas - located at the southernmost tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula - offers up some world-class deep sea fishing. Sport fishermen from all around the world flock to Cabo San Lucas year round...

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Top Fishing Tips: Land Your Next Monster

Whether you are going to fish in a river, lake, or pond, there are a few tricks and techniques that you need to apply in order for you to have an awesome fishing experience. Among the things you are required to know includes the type of fish you are looking to catch and the different baits and lures that you might need to use.   Top Fishing Tips: Identify the Right Areas One of the most important tips towards making your first big catch is identifying the right areas to target your efforts. If you are fishing in a river the look for those sheltered areas, probably along the river banks or behind boulders in the water. This is simply because...

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Mono vs Braid? Which should you be using

In some cases, mono isn't quite good enough. Southern Kingfish Association pro Chris Blanton of South Carolina says he uses straight Hi-Seas fluorocarbon for kingfish. "It's costly to do, but fluoro adds a little better feel, and we've found it works," he says, adding that he attaches six inches of wire to the fluoro as a leader. "We've had fish run around a rig in the Gulf, and it frayed up the fluoro, but it still caught the fish." Fluorocarbon features average tensile strength, but its knot strength rates below that of nylon, Gerlach says. It does offer good abrasion resistance, better than mono, and some say better than braid. "Braid's strength is straight up and down," says John Drouet,...

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