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Ways Your Fishing License Supports Conservation

Buy a license, save the planet. That would be nice, right? While not 100% accurate, there is some truth in the statement. In fact, thanks to the Sport Fish Recreation Program, anglers and boaters help protect our aquatic natural places and the wildlife that lives there through the purchase of fishing licenses, boat registrations, fishing gear, boat fuel, and much more. 
So the next time you pick up a license, you should feel good knowing that your fishing license purchase supports these five conservation projects in your state:   
1.    Building public boat ramps
2.    Keeping local waters clean so families can fish and swim
3.    Maintaining a healthy fish population
4.    Fishing education and activities for the kids
5.    Funds long-term plans to protect our lakes and streams

In addition to the conservation benefits of buying a fishing license, there are other things you can do to protect and maintain your local waterways for future generations to enjoy. Be an ethical angler by following your state rules and regulations for catch size and catch limit, use catch and release best practices, and use the Boy Scout Rule by leaving your favorite fishing hole cleaner than you found it.  

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