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Top Fishing Tips: Land Your Next Monster

Whether you are going to fish in a river, lake, or pond, there are a few tricks and techniques that you need to apply in order for you to have an awesome fishing experience. Among the things you are required to know includes the type of fish you are looking to catch and the different baits and lures that you might need to use.


Top Fishing Tips: Identify the Right Areas

One of the most important tips towards making your first big catch is identifying the right areas to target your efforts. If you are fishing in a river the look for those sheltered areas, probably along the river banks or behind boulders in the water.

This is simply because the fish will try and hide under these covers so as to avoid the scorching sun rays or whenever they want to rest, or they will use the slack water to not exert energy and wait for bait to come down the current to them. You can also be lucky in the backwaters as long as they have no strong currents and the water clarity isn’t too dingy.  


If you’re fishing in a lake, you will have to consider how deep you’ll need to go. This is all depending on the season and the depth of the body of water you are fishing.

You also need to take fishing pressure into consideration. Almost every time, the fishing spot that is most accessible is the spot that has been overfished. If you want to land more fish, you probably need to do a bit of a hike to get into “uncharted waters”. The less pressure an area gets, the more likely you will be to find a few bites.

It can also be where you are located in general. The more people you have living around a body of water, the more likely it is to be pressured. An example of unpressured bodies of water can be found in Canada which offers a tremendous amount of rivers and lakes that can really make your fishing day an awesome experience (not to mention they have huge fish!). 

Top Fishing Tips: Talk to the Local Fishermen

When going on a fishing trip, many anglers will have to look for a guide. If you’re a do it yourself angler, there is another option.

Local anglers!

Is there anyone that can give you better advice than the locals? No, I don’t think so. The locals are always there and usually very ready to help. Especially if you have traveled from home and you don’t have a clue about the river or lake you want to fish.

You can rely on the vast knowledge of the locals to find out what are some of the suitable baits to use, what kind of weather conditions to expect or the best time to start fishing. The locals, obviously, know the lake very well and can definitely point you in the right direction to where you will be able to find some big fish.

You can even talk to your fellow anglers you run across on the water to find out some information from them. Getting a few tips from an experienced angler can really take you a long way when you are fishing in unfamiliar waters.


Top Fishing Tips: Use Live Bait

Just like the lions always hunt other animals for food, fish also feed on other fish as this is nature’s way of maintaining the ecological balance. It usually boils down to bigger fish eating smaller fish. Upon realizing this, it became one of the methods that many anglers use to catch fish today. Baiting with a live fish is quite effective, mostly if you know how to go about it.

Awesome Fishing Tips(3)

It’s not just a matter of hooking up the bait and throwing it into the water, hoping to catch some fish.

There are a few other things that come with it, like identifying the direction of the current and positioning your bait accordingly. When a predatory fish comes to eat your live bait, you can add even more action by bouncing your bait. This matters because it makes the bait to seem so natural thus enticing the fish to bite.

Top Fishing Tips: Understanding Bait Colors

Well, you will not be using a live bait all the time, right? Remember why you were asking the locals about the different types of baits to use? Well, they must have said something about the bait colors too, right?

Anyway, colors do play a huge role in your success rate. Having baits with the right colors for your water clarity and depth can make a world of difference. We recommend lighter, more natural colors in clear water, and darker colors for stained water. However, you can never go wrong with a green pumpkin or black and blue scheme if you’re unsure what to throw.

Top Fishing Tips: Using Polarized Sunglasses

For you to work effectively, you will obviously need to see what you are doing. While fishing, it sometimes becomes a bit difficult to see clearly as you will be battling the reflection of the sun from the water surface. This is why you need to have a pair of polarized glasses as it enables you to have clear visibility of the water column while fishing. Obviously the water clarity also has an effect on how much of the water column you will be able to see.

Well, it doesn’t necessary help in attracting any fish, it assists you by saving your time and enabling you to act fast instead of straining and struggling to see, especially while looking for big fish in the clear water areas.

When you are going out on a fishing trip, you should make sure that you are fully prepared to embark on your mission to land a big fish. Your first time on the water can be a bit rough, but by applying these few tips, you’ll be that much closer to the fish of a lifetime.

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