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Caribbean Fishing: What You Should Know

There’s something remarkable about the early morning excitement of fighting the monsters below to enjoy the unforgettable taste of fresh-caught dinner, which makes deep-sea fishing a memory to cherish.

While on your Norwegian Cruise vacation in the Caribbean, you may face the temptation to simply dine among the stellar included restaurants. Sometimes, it’s worth the effort to taste something new.

There’s nothing like the taste of fresh fish to create a powerful memory from your vacation. More importantly, savvy travelers know that the most fun isn’t had only poolside – lasting memories are created on guided excursions.

Why not try an excursion on the open seas?


One of the most diverse and unique ecosystems in the world, the Caribbean is known for excellent sport fishing experiences. Those looking for a fight may enjoy fishing among the shallower blue waters, where experienced captains often find the tarpon, wahoo, yellowtail snapper, and the elusive barracuda.

Only one type of fishing could be more exciting than reeling in a barracuda: deep sea fishing.

Those who are looking for the big monsters of the deep blue can find them through a fishing excursion to the dark waters. While the fishing is much more demanding, the rewards are worth the effort: on any given Caribbean deep sea fishing excursion, travelers can reel in kingfish, swordfish, and even yellowfin tuna.

Every cast creates a new opportunity to find what lurks below.


Unlike other parts of the world, the Caribbean offers a unique palate of fishing for all tastes and types. Those who enjoy the fight may be most intrigued by bonefishing throughout the Caribbean islands.

While bonefish excursions usually troll the shallower waters, the fishing is no less exciting, as these fish give some of the biggest fights, pound-for-pound.

However, one could argue that the best fishing is found further out with a deep sea fishing excursion. Travelers who go to the deeper waters can find the most elusive catches and trophy billfish not found anywhere else in the world. The best deep sea fishing begins only a half-mile from the shore, with plenty of options for all types of adventurers.


While many parts of the Caribbean offer great fishing options, certain destinations are better known for their catches. Those who live for the high seas may be best served booking a vacation to the Virgin Islands, as the region offers many deep sea trails for anglers to take in. In addition, good fishing year round can also be found at the popular tourist destinations of Barbados and St Lucia.

Travelers who book a fishing trip as part of their vacation can expect to spend at least half a day on the open water, with experienced captains guiding their vessels to known fishing spots. Those planning a trip around their deep sea fishing excursion can find the most plentiful runs between January and June.

When booking an excursion, travelers can expect their captains to take care of all the requirements, from licensing, teaching new anglers, and helping even the most accomplished fisherman lure the big one.

While traveling can open travelers’ eyes to the great experiences of the world, they can only learn through those events they take in. By taking in a fishing excursion at your Caribbean destination, you are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime with tastes that will linger long after you depart.

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