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Best Deep Sea Fishing Destinations

These are five of the best deep sea fishing destinations in the world.

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There are countless deep sea fishing destinations in the world, but these five are standouts. Our picks have ideal offshore habitats for big game fish and countless charter and guide services to help you catch them. Plus, they're beautiful regions, most of which have year round tropical weather and warm waters. When you're thinking about planning your next fishing vacation, keep these spots in mind.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



Cabo San Lucas - located at the southernmost tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula - offers up some world-class deep sea fishing. Sport fishermen from all around the world flock to Cabo San Lucas year round to reap the ocean's bounty of billfish, tuna and wahoo. Cabo also has a reputation as a popular vacation and party town, so take some time off while you're there and have some fun off the water.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

North Carolina's Outer Banks region is one of America's best fisheries. The Gulf Stream waters off the coast bring in a steady stream of big game fish from the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and southern Florida. There's a lot to catch in OBX: red drum, marlin, sailfish, yellowfin and Bluefin tuna, king mackerel, dorado, wahoo and much more. The best times of year to go deep sea fishing in OBX is April through June and September through late November.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is home to countless offshore charter boats and fishing guides. Why? It's one of the best places to catch game fish in North America. The warm tropical weather and clear blue waters are the perfect habitat for fishing bums and big game fish alike. You'll find lots of game fish species in the Gulf Stream waters off the shores of the Keys, but the most popular deep sea game fish in the region are swordfish, marlin, tuna and wahoo.

Bimini, Bahamas

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These small islands are surrounded by gorgeous blue waters that are home to some monster game fish. What's on the menu? Big black grouper, yellowtail and mutton snapper. The Bimini Islands are small and offer an ideal tropical fishing destination that's close to the mainland - they're located just 50 miles west of Miami. That's probably why legendary author and sportsman Ernest Hemingway went there so often to draw inspiration for his books.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket has become one of the premier deep sea fishing destinations in the world. The deep crystal clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea offshore Phuket are an ideal habitat for game fish, particularly queenfish, billfish and mahi. Phuket also has a strict catch and release rule, which will help the region remain one of the best deep sea fishing destinations for years to come.

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