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The Best Methods for Storing Fresh Fish

Not every angler eats their fish right after they’ve caught it. Sometimes the best treat is when you can enjoy your catch months after it is caught. But in order to do this, you need to know the proper methods for storing fresh fish in a way that’s safe and preserves the flavor. Here’s some of our best advice on how to refrigerate fish and how to freeze fish for dinner later in the week or even later in the year. How to Refrigerate Fresh Fish Icing your fish should start as soon as you’ve caught it. You should always bring a high-quality insulated cooler with you when you go fishing. Make sure that the drain plug is open so...

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How to Stop Fish Hooks from Rusting 

No one wants rusty fishing equipment. Once your hooks or metal lures have started rusting, there’s nothing you can do to reverse the process. It’s important that you take proactive measures to prevent your hooks from rusting. Here are a few of our top tips on how to keep your tackle box in the best shape! Protect Your Tacklebox While Fishing Rust begins to form when you store your hooks or metal lures while they’re still wet. With time, that moisture will create rust, not just on your hook, but on all the other metal items in your tackle box.  It’s important to protect your tackle box from moisture. If it’s raining and you have to change tackles, water getting...

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The Secrets to Catching More Red Snappers

The red snapper is a favorite of many fish lovers. Its delightful sweet yet nutty flavor and moist texture make it perfect to cook with. Because it is rich in vitamin A, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids, it’s also an ideal source of lean protein. Catching this fish is an art! Here are some of the ways you can set yourself up to catch more red snappers.   The Right Equipment for Catching Red Snapper  You should use a heavy-duty pole to force the bait down as deep as possible. The larger red snappers could be hiding in holes and deep-covered areas. But the right combo of bait and a heavy-duty pole could be just the thing you need to...

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How to Catch and Release

Not all anglers fish for food. Many enjoy it for the sport—and the good fish stories! But if you are new to the art of angling, you might be wondering about the best practices for catch and release. Technique is important to keep the fish safe and to protect the environment. Here’s how you can catch and release like a pro! Start with the Right Equipment Keeping your fish alive starts with choosing the best equipment for catch and release. You need fish-friendly hooks such as circle hooks, barbless J hooks, or self-release hooks. When you’re about to remove the fish from the hook, you should pinch the bar on your hook to make it flat. This will make it...

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When, Where & How To Fish For Speckled Trout Under Diving Birds

Your complete guide to catch speckled trout under diving birds: best time to fish them, where to find them and best techniques to use.   When, Where & How To Fish For Speckled Trout Under Diving Birds It's common knowledge that diving birds are a dead giveaway of great speckled trout (or redfish) action. People make it sound so easy: All you have to do is find some birds circling in the air and you're guaranteed a great fishing trip. But it's not so easy, and if you've spent any amount of time fishing every pile of birds you saw you've quickly learned what a let down they can be. So, if you're up for doing a little bit of learning then you stand...

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